Ever Wonder What That Last Update Contained? Read On.

                                      IMPORTANT PLEASE READ RELEASE NOTES  
Client 3.7.9 Microbase mail service provides the ability to send emails via the Microbase server, please note this is a chargeable service. The Microbase option should only be selected if you are having difficulty in obtaining the correct outgoing mail settings from your internet / email service provider.
Ironman 4X4 parts import allows for the importation of parts catalogues distributed by Ironman.4X4.
Navigator this version of Automation is pathed to access the V2 Repco API that allows for the automatic inserting of the registration number and state recorded on the vehicle form directly into the Navigator search field.
Capricorn, new requirement for the identification of the Capricorn master account in site settings.
Various code changes and optimisations including enhancements to the Tech Time screen.
Client 3.7.8

Automation now has the ability for users to report their JobMaker status via an STP transfer.

Client 3.7.7 MyAutoConnect update to the Client app to overcome changes to the Microsoft push notification system which they have now withdrawn from service. READ NOTES
Various code changes and optimisations including enhancements to the purchasing and stock functions.
Client 3.7.6 Enhancements to labour allocation and chart of accounts.  
Client 3.7.5                                        Areas Covered In this New Version
Email Bookings Vehicles Job Card
Smart Inspector Diary Employees Suppliers
Purchasing Payroll Online Job Card Loan Cars
Deposits Bill Payments Remote Bookings Journals
Clients Reports Inventory  
Server 3.4.5  Various optimisations to the code.  
Client 3.7.4 ATO October 2020 update to the PAYGW tax tables.
To apply the new rates please ensure you recalculate the tax on the employee details form (payroll tab) and/or the payroll transaction form as required     
Client 3.7.3 STP an enhancement to the current STP functionality which allows the user to flag an employee’s payroll records as final for the year.
new ability to identify parts allocated to open jobs.
Tech Time allocations improved user interface.
Various code changes and optimisations..
Server 3.4.4 Re-Configuration of server address  
Client 3.7.2 SMS Messaging new ability to use Alpha Tags for your message header, certain rules apply please thoroughly read the release notes.
Client 3.7.1 Marketing feature has been reengineered to provide faster search results and includes identification of successful and unsuccessful exports.
STP update pay event option is now included in payroll also the ability to record JobKeeper payments.
Text fields change how your text is displayed on invoices.
Various code changes and optimisations.

Server 3.4.3 Various optimisations to the code.  
Client 3.7.0                                          Areas Covered In this New Version
Diary Booking Form Employees Form Vehicle Form
Job Card Bill Payments Site Settings Tasks
Clocked Time Roadworthy Spell Check Mail Merge
SMS Email Statements Marketing
Repco Marketing Online Backups Openpay  
Client 3.6.9 Rollout of Single Touch Payroll (STP) please read the attached STP document to completely familiarise yourselves with using STP in Automation Premium.
Server 3.4.2 Initial coding required for Single Touch Payroll (STP) local Installations.  
Server 3.4.1
Client 3.6.8
Complete overhaul of Accounts Payable Aging summary report
SMS re-calibration of storage for SMS replies.
This update requires both server and client to be updated. Server first then Client.
Client 3.6.7 Various code changes and optimisations.    
Client 3.6.6                                            Areas Covered In this New Version
Reports Payroll Bookings Purchasing
Receipts Client List Email Templates Estimates
SMS Enhancements Vehicle Visuals Diary Screen Reconciliations
MyAutoConnect quick login for Android [ Click Here ]
Various code changes and optimisations based on automated and reported messages sent through to Microbase.
Client 3.6.5 Various code changes and optimisations based on automated and reported messages sent through to Microbase.
MyAutoConnect new ability to flag only those services available to your MyAutoConnect clients, also ability to have the started service message manual or automatic. Refer Notes.
Repco Navigator new ability
to apply quoted price from Navigator when bringing in new parts to the job card or into inventory. Refer Notes
RSA membership print out assigned to report printer. Refer Notes.
Client 3.6.4 Release of the MyAutoConnect application, a new and revolutionary way to communicate and market your services to your customers. Click link to read  www.myautoconnect.com.au/dealer/
New & Improved Road Side Assistance (RSA) enhancements. Read notes.
Part 1 of a two part update, multiple enhancements to the Automation Client 3.6.4 program, Read notes.
Client 3.6.3 Remote Users Only: Online Server Migration - Completed.
Statements new ability to create statements based on an ageing formula of either Date or Allocation.
Repco Campaigner new ability to flag clients to receive the newsletter manually or globally allowing new RAS members to take full advantage of the newsletter distribution.

Server 3.4.0 Updated process for Client 3.6.3, internal code changes for server migration function.  
Client 3.6.2 Parts & Inventory Utility has a new section where Automation can import various supplier catalogues directly in to the parts listing,
Microbase involvement required based on supplier catalogue.
new entry in Accounts section Payroll Gross Inclusions allows the ability to
choose to include or exclude allowances and payments from gross calculations. Once you've made your selection it will automatically be applied to the three payroll reports they apply to - PAYG payment summary, PAYG payment summary statements, and EMPDUPE file export.
Refer notes for more information
Superannuation new superannuation reporting and employer additional super contribution changes. Refer notes for more information.
Annual update to the ATO Tax tables.
flickering of service column overlay on diary has been adjusted.
display of fleet number field has been adjusted.
code changes and enhancements based on automated messages sent through to Microbase
Client 3.6.1 Burson EzyParts integration.
update to the latest available ATO Tax tables.
Parts & Inventory Utility expanded functionality allowing for greater multiple manipulation of parts.
Server 3.3.9 Various code changes and enhancements to allow for future functionality and to accommodate messages sent through to Microbase..  
Client 3.6.0 Payroll ability to change the accrued values in the payroll transaction screen, values adjusted will display in red, to return values back prior to changing place a tick in Exclude accruals then remove tick.
selection screen now allows manual entry of local server computer name and the memory retention of that name, this is to overcome Windows 10 updates causing loss of Client/Server connection.
code changes and enhancements to accommodate messages sent through to Microbase
Client 3.5.9 Smart Inspector integration via Repco & Coventry's ordering system for both local & online installations.
Online Booking Form allows the digital recording & confirmation by the client.
Online Estimates new feature for the online job card.
Online Reporting allows the accessing of key business reports.
Diary screen has two new features Estimates creating & viewing and On Hold ability to flag a job for on hold or to be closed and finalised.
Multi Form Access Monitoring redesigned the warnings when two users are accessing the same job hopefully overcoming any accidental data loss.
Client 3.5.8 Extended the multi access of forms to the online job card and redesigned the save option for forms that are open by another user.
Client 3.5.7 Online Job Card when removing a buy in from the job card a message will be sent to the designated computer to process the removal request.
Secured the possibly loss of data when multiple online job cards try to close a job at the same time.
New Communications window for online job card notifications sent to the designated computer accessed from the Tasks button.
Vehicle Form new ability to record both engine hours and fleet number.
Invoice/Estimate/Job Card will display & print engine hours and fleet number.
Reports new Purchase Order detail report run by Supplier and Date.
Repco revised data export for the Customer Satisfaction Survey.
Client 3.5.6 Release of online job card for tablets and phones. (Remote client only)
Updated help files for both local & online versions.
Latest update of Australian postcodes.
New ability to assign different surcharges to multiple Card types i.e.
Visa debit 1 - Visa debit 2 - Visa credit 1 - Visa credit 2 etc.
Server 3.3.8
Pre Installation of new development module to allow for upcoming new program functions.  
Client 3.5.5 Inventory Valuation introduced 2 methods of viewing the report one that looks at inventory currently on hand the second method calculates all stock  move-ments, adjustments, variations and journals to give a final figure as of any date.
AR Aging Summary can now be run 2 ways, firstly by date which allocates all payments received by date hierarchy, secondly by payments allocated to individual invoices.
Parts Import
expanded the import criteria to include items with barcodes and/or locations only.
Task Manager
To Do Lists Fixed the problem of not being able to attach lists to a new task, also changed the title on the task form.
Utility Menu
introduced access in the operating system program tree to the Set Server utility.
introduced various tweaks to the code to improve performance.
Client 3.5.4 Attachments and Checklists have been rewritten to accommodate new functionality and usability for both Online and Local installations.
Email confirmation green tick now being displayed in client history screen.
Client 3.5.3 Diary new ability to organise entries on the diary screen by drag n drop.
Roadworthy/Images the process in recording roadworthy details and the saving of images to jobs has changed to allow for synergy between local and online versions of the program.
Client 3.5.2 CovsOnline integration allows for parts ordering and invoice retrieval similar to Repco Navigator.
Various code changes and enhancements to accommodate error messages sent through to Microbase
Server 3.3.7
Client 3.5.1
Various code adjustments to improve both Server & Client functionality.  
Client 3.5.0 Various code changes and enhancements to accommodate error messages sent through to Microbase.