Marketing - Customer Relationship Management

Many businesses have discovered that profits improve when offering a service or product to customers that the competitors have ignored. Microbase can help distinguish your business from the "rest of the pack" in a couple of ways.

Firstly, when using our Automation software you have access to an on-line roadside assistance scheme that covers your customers vehicles on a 24/7 basis. We provide a toll free 1800 number that can be contacted if a breakdown or lock out occurs, the vehicle is then returned to your outlet for repair.

Secondly Automation has a built in loyalty function, points are awarded on a dollar basis and can be redeemed for free services. You can also print reward statements and mail them to your clients. We provide the opportunities, you provide the possibilities.

Saves Time & Money Regular Professional Communications
Use A Standard Internet Connection Auto Prompt On The Nominated Day
Simple Mouse Click Export Function Monthly Communication Report

Internet - All you require is a standard internet or broadband connection
Automation allows you to select a day you wish to be reminded to upload your client and vehicle information. On the pre-selected day a prompt is displayed requesting you to initialise the upload function. Simply select yes and you are automatically connected to the Internet, your files upload and a prompt requested to log off.

Microbase then adds the files to it's central server, the database is queried for service reminders due and new roadside assistance issues. The central application transfers data to a mailing house for printing and dispatch of communications. The auto repairer receives a marketing report on a monthly basis listing the various communications that have been sent during the previous calendar month. Just a couple of mouse clicks and let Microbase take care of the rest. This is marketing the easy way!

Microbase has established a national roadside assistance scheme for Australian Users. Issues are managed automatically by Automation, the operator simply ticks the RSA trigger option from the service record. Whenever flagged services are sold to a customer RSA cover details are printed on the bottom of their invoice.


Customer and vehicle information is transferred via a standard internet connection on a weekly basis, Microbase uses a mailing house to create plastic membership cards and covering "Thank You" letter which is then mailed to your customer.

The auto repairer pays only one low set up fee which covers the customer for 6 months in the event of a breakdown. Microbase pays the cost of up to four service executions during the period of cover. A follow up letter is also sent when the roadside assistance expirers, as a reminder to return to the original repairer. 

Email Marketing
Email marketing is a cost effective way to stay in touch with your clients and reach out to new prospects. Here are a few reasons you might want to use email marketing in your own business.


SMS Marketing
Latest way to communicate with your clients, cost effective and instant.


Loyalty Program
Loyalty program helps you to retain customers which helps you increase profits.


Referrer Rewards
Clients who refer new clients to your business are essentially marketing your business for you this is something you should encourage, to assist in this Automation has a facility to reward those clients marketing your business.


All business need to have as part of their marketing mix a few promotion strategies over the year these could include Cooling system, Air conditioning services / Inspections at the beginning of summer and Brake system inspections at the beginning of winter.

This will not only increase sales to your existing clients but also assist in attracting new clients to your service centre.


Online Bookings
Microbase has created the necessary features to allow your existing web site to link directly to the Diary booking form..