Marketing - Customer Relationship Management

Roadside Assistance Covers
Automation Premium allows you to issue roadside assistance to customers of your choice. We currently manage a fleet of over 10,000 vehicles for our users. Data is uploaded via the internet on a weekly basis. We produce the membership card and enclose a "Thank you" letter. If your customer requires assistance there are no extra charges to the auto repairer. This service is just one way we can assist you to generate greater customer loyalty.

Breakdown We Will Tow Up To 20Km
Failure To Start We Will Jump Start
Flat Tyre Replace With Spare Wheel
No Fuel Supply Up To 5 Litres Of Fuel At Owners Cost
Lock Out Contribute Up To $77 Per Locksmith Call Out

Towing is restricted to 20Km. after which the customer is liable for an amount charged per Km. Only one tow per breakdown is covered. Smash towing is not covered.

After Hours Breakdown
Will require the vehicle to be towed to the repairer and locked up at the owners risk. Alternatively the vehicle can be towed to secure storage for delivery to the repairer ASAP, the customer will be liable for the cost of the second tow.

Cover & Termination

Roadside assistance is only valid for the vehicle detailed on this card. It is transferable to a new owner but not from vehicle to vehicle. In the case of misuse the repairer reserves the right to unconditionally terminate the benefits without notice. The recipient of this card shall have no claim whatsoever for such termination.

Improve Customer Loyalty
We send a "thank you for the business" letter with every roadside assistance issue, this is a personalised communication that is sure to enhance customer loyalty. Remember the membership card states the vehicle must be returned to the original place of repair unless the the tow is more than 20 kilometres. Guaranteeing you gain more business.



Service Reminders Letters
An important function for any business is maintaining a regular contact with clients. Automation Premium allows you to pre-set future service dates and kilometres, having this information on hand gives you the opportunity to send service reminders at a time when the customer is more likely to buy.

However it is not always possible to print, fold and post letters to your customers as this function can be very time consuming. We have a cost effective answer that ensures you don't miss out on those extra sales opportunities. Microbase can help you gain new customers and retain existing customers by offering a mailing and roadside assistance service. Transfer of data from your PC is as simple as a couple of mouse clicks - we can even set the program to remind you when an upload is due. You require no more than a modem and standard Internet connection to access this service.



Email Service Reminders
Email service reminders to your clients, there are two ways this can be performed:

Plain text emailing

Automation allows you to communicate marketing messages via email, the plain text email is created and sent to one or multiple clients utilising the inbuilt marketing screen, interaction between client and repairer is limited using the plain text option.

A custom message can be created to replace the plain text email, knowledge of HTML coding is required but not essential. If a logo is to be part of the custom message then the ability to host the logo on the internet is required.


Enhanced email with Integrated booking function

As a business owner you get inundated with communications every day, email, letters, pamphlets and newspapers to name a just few, due to the sheer volume of material we become extremely good at “media filtering”. Think about this how many times have you received a communication possibly a letter or email and thought you would deal with the content at a later date, then completely forgotten to follow through? It happens. How much easier would it be if there was an immediate call for action that simplifies the response? You can send a plain text message to your client via the marketing function which is in danger of ending up in the to do or even worse the delete folder as it just does not present as anything that needs your client’s attention.

To give you the best chance of an immediate response Microbase has taken a different approach by implementing the following.

This email arrives as a letter complete with mail merge, logo and power margin
Book now option allows the client to enter their preferred date and time for service
Booking is transferred to site and populates the diary on the day chosen, confirmation or
  alternate day / time can be by phone, email or SMS.

The management process will populate your booking form automatically, no need to find the client, vehicle details or service due, the only time you will need to edit a repeat booking is when an alternate date/time is agreed. When the vehicle arrives simply open the booking and create the job card.

Email Marketing Schematic:



SMS Short Message Service Overview
Automation allows you to send SMS messages to clients by utilising an internet gateway to a telecommunications service provider. You are able to store multiple SMS messages, even select a default message that you would like sent to clients as the job card is closed. To access this service you must contact Microbase to set-up an account, on acceptance you will be provided with a logon and password, your location will be billed on a monthly basis for the amount of SMS traffic generated.


You can send SMS messages from either the job card on job close (if a default message has been selected) or you can use the search criteria in marketing to select single clients or groups to send a message to.

Job Close

This is an automated function that sends an SMS to your client as you close the job card. For this to work you must select the send SMS on job close function in settings / online. It is possible to choose an alternative message as you close the job or send no message by selecting cancel from the message display.


Clients can reply to any message sent from Automation, you will be notified of any incoming messages via a prompt that will display at any point within the application. The received message is logged in the task section of the client card.


You can use any of the search criteria from marketing to create a list to SMS to, however be sure to select the Clients with mobile number only option from the bottom of the data extraction screen. Choosing this option ensures only clients with mobile numbers recorded on their client card are listed. Once you have selected the criteria you wish to search by, select extract, the list will be displayed. To send an SMS select the SMS option from the bottom of the display.

Your list of SMS messages will display, highlight the message you wish to send and select OK (F12). A message box informs you of how many SMS messages have been successfully sent.

Managing Messages

Messages are managed from the Select an SMS display, this is selected from either lists – SMS Messages – Settings – Marketing. To add a new message to your list click on New (Insert) located at the bottom of the list. Complete the SMS detail form and save with OK (F12) highlight the message you wish to send and select OK (F12). To delete a message highlight the entry and select delete from the bottom menu bar. Editing requires you to once again highlight the record and select Edit (F2) make your changes and save to file with OK (F12).

All SMS messages are recorded in a log file, to view / print this select Reports / Other Reports / SMS Log, Select the date range you wish to search and select OK. Messages are listed in date order, with the number of messages recorded at the bottom of the report.


Account setup up fee (once only) $25.00
Per message fee $0.22cents

If you wish to take advantage of this service you will need an internet connection and account name and password. Contact Microbase for your logon and password, when you receive this you will need to enter the details into the program settings.


Loyalty Program
Automation Premium has been designed to maximise database-marketing opportunities using functions that are easy to execute.

Loyalty marketing helps you retain customers – which help you increase profits. The typical business loses almost half its customer base every five years. Businesses that understand the impact of this customer attrition and take steps to stem losses can realise dramatic profit gains. Increased profits result from reduced acquisition costs, increased cross-selling, a high customer referral rate, decreased price sensitivity, and lower operating costs.

On average, the cost of acquiring a new customer is five to 10 times greater than the cost of retaining a current customer. Do you know what share of your current customers’ business your business has today? It’s not uncommon for very successful businesses to have less than 50% of their current customers’ business.

Repairers that are on the cutting edge of loyalty programs reap lasting benefits. Being the first repairer in your area to launch a loyalty program pays real dividends. The first business has the advantage in customer retention — and latecomers into mature loyalty environments have little hope of gaining incremental business, or spend a great deal trying to make inroads. Either way, being the first in is an advantage.

Loyalty Benefits

Encourages Repeat Business Provides A Competitive Edge
Aides When Selling Services Cost Effective Advertising
Improves customer contact Increased Customer Contact

Customer loyalty is different from customer satisfaction. Between 65% and 85% of customers who report that they were satisfied or very satisfied with the repairer from which they have removed their business. Customer satisfaction is extremely important but customer loyalty is the key to repeat purchasing and long term success. Microbase has created strategies that allow you to retain high levels of customer service and satisfaction as well as achieving high levels of customer loyalty. Automation can help you do all of the above. The goal of every business is to improve the bottom line. If you are interested in gaining and retaining customers then please consider using the loyalty program.

Automation Premium has the ability to allocate points to a client reward account based on dollars spent. It is suggested these points be redeemed for a free service, functionality allows for the entry of a redemption value on the service record. A statement of points to date is also printed on the invoice if the track loyalty point’s function is set to true in the site settings.


Customer Referral
Automation allows for recording of clients that have referred work to a repair facility, the operator can reward the referrer on a dollar basis. The client card contains a referrer tab when selected the display lists by dollar value referred work including the value of any rewards "paid" to the referrer.

Referral dollars are allocated to the referrer based on the total value of the job, an allocation is posted when the job is closed. To view allocations open the referrers client form, click on the referrals tab, a list of transactions relating to referred jobs is visible, the screen also displays any rewards that have been credited to the client, a total balance of referral dollars available is at the bottom of the screen

It is possible to view the details of a reward by pointing and clicking on the line item, if you wish to view a job point and click on the line and the job details will display. Automation allows you to communicate in various ways with the referrer client including email and SMS.


Automation allows the operator to track responses from specified promotions listed on the client intro report available from the marketing reports group. To track promotion responses, promotions must be listed in the promotions database, once recorded a promotion response can be selected from the booking form or when prompted while using the step through booking feature. The client intro report will display a summary of responses to promotions in both statistical (number & %) and graphical formats. A further report titled Promotion Responses displays the detail (Job, sales value & profit) of recorded responses.

It is also possible to view a summary of responses from the marketing group of reports by selecting the client intro option entering the date range and selecting OK. To print either of these reports select the print icon in the top left hand corner of the display.


Online Bookings
Microbase has created the necessary functions to allow your existing web site to link directly to the Diary screens booking form, your client can go to your web site fill out the necesary information to request a service of any kind once submited a window will open on the designated computer asking to confirm the dates and service required. It only leaves the operater to confirm the request where the booking form is created and placed on the diary screen on the day agreed to.

This works well when the service centre also provides service reminders either by letter,email or SMS. If your are intrested to have this feature for your web site then please click the apply button.